Oramix has a Security Assessment Service which was developed in partnership with Check Point, allowing our customers to assess their infrastructure with the purpose of detecting the existence of APT's (Advanced Persistent Threats).

These types of threats cannot be detected by traditional security tools like Firewalls, Antivirus, IPS’s, …)

Take a quick look at our datasheet and contact us to schedule your assessment.

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Welcome to Oramix!

ORAMIX – Sistemas de Informação, is an IT Expert Services company. We exceed our customers expectations.

Oramix offer

Our core business is infrastrutures management with high level competences for the main layers, from systems to middleware management. This competences are certified by most of the top leaders in infrastructure market like: Oracle, Microsoft, Microsoft, Ibm, Hp, Nutanix, etc.


Our Expertise has been recognized by Oracle as the Best Oracle Database Administration Services Provider, fact which granted us several awards like “Best database expertise”, “Grid computing”, “Inovation on PME”, "Exadata partner of the year" and "Best database Partner" as well as Microsoft, but all the Market recognize our Capacity.

Oramix is the Market leader on database administration, with more than 150 customers, in all activity sectors.

At the last five years the internationalization start to be our goal, now we manage customers in Angola and South Africa. We've got references in other geographies like Zambia, Argelia, Mozambique, Germany and Brasil.


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