Oramix has a Security Assessment Service which was developed in partnership with Check Point, allowing our customers to assess their infrastructure with the purpose of detecting the existence of APT's (Advanced Persistent Threats).

These types of threats cannot be detected by traditional security tools like Firewalls, Antivirus, IPS’s, …)

Take a quick look at our datasheet and contact us to schedule your assessment.

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Friday, 09 September 2011 18:31

In the domestic market, Oramix stands as leader of the Oracle Technology Support area.

From conception and design of new architectures based on Oracle and Microsoft technologies, to its implementation, follow up and optimization, we work side by side with our Clients in order to ensure, higher Safety, Stability, Scalability and maximizing ROI.

Oramix ensures the management of the whole infrastructure, supporting the applications from the network layer up to the middleware.

Our Services Segmentation is as follows:

Oramix Services


ENVISION | Offer Line that is related to all Structural/Design projects.

TEACH | Offer Line that is related to Education projects.

DO | Offer Line that is related to Implementation projects.

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