Oramix has a Security Assessment Service which was developed in partnership with Check Point, allowing our customers to assess their infrastructure with the purpose of detecting the existence of APT's (Advanced Persistent Threats).

These types of threats cannot be detected by traditional security tools like Firewalls, Antivirus, IPS’s, …)

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Oramix bases all its portfolio on its technical resources experience and the security department is no exception.

Oramix security services portfolio is so wide it ranges from Governance to Operation, where our specialized know-how is focused on the customer’s core business, thus maximizing its security processes and posture.

The experience of our team in security technologies are wide but focused.

Oramix approaches Security, uses an internally developed Process that maps and ensure Security alignment between customer's business and Security implementation.

This process is backed up by the experienced Security Team, who have been working in the security market for more than eleven (11) years.

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Oramix has a complete offer on this area. An excellent Security posture is fundamental for an healthy Business. Our Security Engineers & Consultants knowledge resides in following Technologies:


Oramix has security engineers certified on:

  • CCSA – Check Point Certified SecurityAdministrator NGX
  • CCSE – Check Point Certified Security Expert NGX
  • FCNSA – Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator
  • FCNSP – Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional
  • SGSMCA - StoneGate Administrator
  • SGFWA - StoneGate Firewall Architect
  • SGIPSA - StoneGate IPS Architect
  • SGSSLA - StoneGate SSL VPN Architect
  • McAfee Network Defense Certified
  • McAfee System Security Certified
  • McAfee Data Protection Certified
  • McAfee Risk and Compliance Management Certified
  • McAfee Web & Email Security Certified
  • CAP - Certificação de Formação de Formadores (Cert. Nº EDF 415393/2006 DL)

Near twelve (12) years of experience in the market, designing, protecting, implementing, evaluating and maintaining security in the businesses of our market.

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Oramix through it's technical competency, provides the following specialized services in the Security Information area:

  • Security Assessment
  • Oramix Pen-Testing Auditing
  • Compliance Gap Analysis
  • Consolidation Strategy
  • Information Security Policies
  • Business Continuity Plans & DR procedures
  • Security Awareness
  • Security Workshops
  • On-Demand Custom Training
  • Technology Certified Training
  • Security Infrastructure administration
  • Security Specialized Out-Tasking
  • Security Technology Implementation & Integration

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