Oramix and Gluent discuss the challenges of hybrid data

29 Apr 2022 News

Oramix promoted last April 28th, in partnership with Gluent, the webinar “The Challenges of Hybrid Data”. Martin Paynter, COO at Gluent, and Pedro Rocha, CTO at Oramix, discussed the challenges enterprises face with the growth of hybrid data.

This webinar also presented strategies to improve efficiency in data management and the technology available to migrate data to the cloud without the need to rewrite code.

“According to IDC data, the volume of data created and replicated globally is estimated to grow from 97 zettabytes in 2022 to 181 zettabytes in 2025. We are talking about a more than 45% growth in just 3 years” says Pedro Rocha, CTO of Oramix. “Companies must be prepared to manage their data agile and efficiently, without compromising IT budgets”.

Watch the webinar recording and review Gluent’s platform demonstration here.