Oramix and Emvenci establish a partnership to reinforce cybersecurity training offerings in national organizations

13 Jul 2022 Press Release

Lisbon, July 13, 2022– To reinforce the offer of cybersecurity training, Oramix, a technology company specializing in data management, cybersecurity, and digital transformation, has established a partnership with the technology company Emvenci, which will enable national organizations to gather knowledge in cybersecurity and prevention of social engineering attacks.

The Cybersecurity Cloud platform, developed by Emvenci, will complement the offer of user awareness solutions already provided by Oramix, giving customers autonomy in the training of their employees, with courses tailored to the level of knowledge of each user.

As a result of this partnership, users will have access to an e-learning platform with phishing simulation tools and educational content in video or PDF format, with the autonomy to manage their own training. This content aims to strengthen skills and improve users’ response to a potential cyber-attack.

“No organization should depend exclusively on technology to defend itself. We know that the human factor is still one of the main risk vectors and that training employees is critical to strengthen the cyber-resilience of organizations”, says Ana Filipa Monteiro, Cybersecurity Information Consultant at Oramix. “The e-learning solution developed by Emvenci will allow us to offer adequate and tailored training to each customer in critical areas for cybersecurity”, adds Ana Filipa Monteiro.

“Security is one of the areas where it is hardest to get it right; a hacker only needs to win once, but companies have to get it right every time. As we evolve to a more dematerialized world, the threats become more sophisticated”, says Alexandre Aniceto, Cybersecurity Delivery Executive at Emvenci. “The partnership with Oramix will allow us to empower more and more users and make cyberspace safer for everyone”, reinforces.

At a time when the number of cyberattacks continues to grow, this partnership will enable national organizations to empower their employees and raise awareness of the importance of information security.